Two Brewers brewing

Williams hopes their brew will win over the fans when they square off against Lepay and Schroeder.

Milwaukee - Brewers relievers Josh Hader and Taylor Williams spent their off day working. The pair is squaring off against broadcasters Matt Lepay and Bill Schroeder to see who can create the best tasting beer.

The two brews will face a fan taste test July 20th when the Brewers host the Dodgers.

Neither Hader nor Williams is a Wisconsin native, and neither one has any home-brewing experience. But the duo isn't lacking in confidence.

"We're going to the beer do its talking," Hader said Monday during a Miller brewery tour.

"We're competitive. I think we're trying to enjoy the process of it as well," Williams said. "To be here and kinda learning about it and go through that process... it's kind of an honor, it's kinda cool."