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Thank you for your interest in television advertising on FOX 47

We are in the business of helping people succeed and businesses grow. Adults spend more time watching Television than they do listening to radio, reading the newspaper, and using the internet combined.

We solve 2:00am problems. If you're up at night thinking about how you can make your next big sale/event a success and if you're up wishing you could just have more people buy your product or service tomorrow, then FOX 47 will help!

We have over 900 businesses who advertise on FOX 47 and they come back year after year because we deliver results for them.

There is a reason why in every home, all the furniture faces the television set. You don't see the furniture in the room facing the radio or facing toward the driveway, waiting for the newspaper to arrive.

Television works and it is the most cost efficient advertising choice any business can make.

Politicians have a one day sale. It's called Election Day. They choose television by far over anything else to get their message across to their customers - voters in this case.

We can create the same demand for your business.

We would appreciate the opportunity to help your business. Just click here and fill in the requested information. A representative from FOX 47 will contact you afterwards to begin developing a campaign that will deliver results for your business.

In these tough economic times television continues to deliver results. National marketers show confidence in television by continuing to place advertising dollars into the proven media vehicle.

"TV is an anomaly, with advertisers putting their marketing dollars into national television at levels reminiscent of prosperous economic times. The power of the networks to reach mass audiences on a nightly basis continues to give television an edge over other media." - The New York Times

"There is no other medium that has been able to supplant it (TV) in a big enough way to negatively impact it at this point. The money keeps flowing-its perplexing, but its reality."

- Kris Magel SVP, Director Of Broadcast, Initiative Media

"When the economy goes into a recession, marketers are looking at ad platforms that generate the most efficiency, when ad budgets are strapped, advertisers turn to the tried and true (TV). National TV has proven that it works in helping them move product in good and bad economic times"

- Rino Scanzoni, Chief Investment Officer, GroupM

Source: Spots 'n' Dots, Jan. 5, 2009

Here's what a few of our advertisers have had to say about TV advertising with FOX 47... (Scroll down to see some video of other advertisers telling their stories)

"I would say that 80% of my phone calls come from my TV advertising and I continue to use broadcast television in my marketing." - Randy Hardell, Owner, H&H Pools

"From the business aspect, we have received many calls into our company that are a direct-result from the advertisng [on TV]" - Julie Duncan, Toubl Contracting Inc.

"The advertising campaign defined and recommended by FOX 47 helped us to achieve a ten percent growth rate in the last quarter of 2006, with achieving a 9% growth rate in our student target base and 5% increase in the female target group." - Pam A. Weber, Manager, BioLife Plasma Services

"TV Advertising can be very daunting, but FOX 47 made it easy. They really listened to what we were hoping to achieve with our advertising..." - Jody Schumacher, Dentistry of Wisconsin

"Our members would come into the Credit Union and say they saw us on TV, I would go to meetings outside the Credit Union and colleagues would say, 'I saw you on TV!' You just do not get that kind of respons with radio or newsprint." - Cindy Sutherland, Dir. Marketing, Heritage Credit Union

"The Monroe Virtual charter High School was fortunate to advertise on FOX 47 during the 3 week Open Enrollment period allowed by Wisconsin State Law during February 2006. We say fortunate because the advertising campaign during this period was our most successful ever. ... A large number of the students who enrolled were from within the FOX 47 viewing area. We advertised with many TV and Radio stations around the state, but we feel that our advertising on FOX 47 was the most successful and we got a big bang, so to speak, for our buck." - Dan Bauer, Principal, Monroe Virtual Charter High School and Mike McArdle, Business Administrator, Monroe Public Schools