MSG 2 Teens How to Enter

Play the Video Above!

Play the Video Above!

You are ready to get creative and inspire everyone with your very own MSG 2 Teens commercial, but first you have to enter!

Print off your entry form, fill it out and be sure your parents sign it.

Print off your appearance release forms. Make sure that every actor in your commercial has an appearance release signed by the actor and a parent. Even if they are just in the background – everyone needs to have a signed appearance release.

You need both of these forms signed by the actors and parents – otherwise your entry will be disqualified.

Print off a storyboard and sketch out your idea. You can also submit a video. You can shoot it on your cell phone or any other camera. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to get your idea across.

Then when you send in your storyboard or video, send all of the paperwork with it.

Remember that you can submit as many storyboards or videos that you want. So if you’ve got more than one awesome idea – submit them all!

Then you could be the next MSG 2 Teens winner! Good luck!

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