MSG 2 Teens How To Not Get Disqualified

Play the Video Above!

Play the video above!

You’ve worked hard on your MSG 2 Teens PSA, so make sure you don’t get disqualified! Follow these simple rules and you could be the next MSG2Teens winner.

Make sure that when you submit your storyboard or video you submit all of the proper paper work.

Entry forms for every team member must be signed by the teens and their parents. And all team members must be from the same school.

Appearance releases for people appearing anywhere in your video must be signed by every actor in your PSA and their parents.

You can’t use people’s likeness, published works, or recorded music in your PSA. That includes things like Pokemon Go images and Taylor Swift music. Just don’t use it.

Follow these steps, create an original message, and submit all of your signed paperwork and you could be the next MSG 2 Teens winner! Good Luck!

MSG 2 Teens Official Rules

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