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Baby named after doctor who saved mother from stroke

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MADISON, Wis. - When Amanda Priewe delivered a son on Sept. 21, she and her husband, Joe, did not forget the doctor who saved her life two years ago.

They named the child Joshua, in honor of Dr. Josh Medow.

On April 8, 2015, Amanda Priewe, had a stroke.

“She came here in a coma, and she was in really bad shape,” said Dr. Medow, director of the neuro ICU at UW Hospital.

At the time of the stroke, Joe and Amanda Priewe had been making plans to get married.

Because of Amanda’s condition, doctors were not sure she would live.

She remained in a coma for a month, before the treatments helped her gradually improve.

While Amanda was still unable to speak, her first communication was with a handwritten note that simply said, "Joe."

“That was the first thing that she wrote. It was my name,” said Joe Priewe.

A year later, the couple was married in Oshkosh.

“Considering what we have been through, it was a dream come true,” said Joe.

The couple did not forget how they got to that day, and invited Dr. Medow to their wedding.

“For them to actually go ahead and say, 'would you come to the wedding?' was pretty awesome. So I said, absolutely,” said Dr. Medow.

When patients are in the neuro ICU, they are typically in a lifesaving situation. When their condition permits they are moved to another part of the hospital, and sometimes the doctors and nurses who worked to save their life aren’t able to track their progress.

“How often do you lose touch? You do,” said Dr. Medow.

Joe and Amanda have kept in contact with Dr. Medow, and when their son was born on Sept. 21, they paid a visit to the neuro ICU to introduce him.

“And they said, meet Joshua. I was like, ‘oh my gosh, you’ve got to be kidding me.’ He’s a beautiful baby boy. I mean, what an honor,” said Dr. Medow.

For Joe and Amanda, the decision to name their son after Dr. Medow was an easy one.

“What better way to honor the guy that played such a critical part in my wife’s life,” said Joe.