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CROSS PLAINS: Neighbors support each other amid storm damage


CROSS PLAINS, Wis. — Last night’s stormed hammered Cross Plains. Telephone poles and tree limbs littered lawns today as cleanup efforts from the early morning continued into the afternoon.

While MG&E, Hooper Plumbing, and other companies had crews out working on downed powerlines and other debris, Cross Plains residents led cleanup efforts in their own neighborhoods. Working together, neighbor helping neighbor.

Cross Plains resident Steve Buss says he had people working in his yard when he wasn’t even home.

“I actually went to work this morning,” said Buss. “When I came back the neighborhood, a couple of guys who don’t even live here were cleaning up this street.”

The damage to Buss’s house was primarily caused by fallen trees, one of which leaving a sizeable dent in his truck.

“I’m like, ‘I can’t go, tree’s on the truck.”

Around 12 people were gathered in his yard, helping clean tree limbs and other debris.

Buss says the neighborhood always comes together like this in times of need.

“It’s just a great neighborhood,” said Buss. “Everybody’s helping everybody.”