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DeForest hosts winter road open house, focusing on limiting salt use


DEFOREST, Wis. — The Village of DeForest is preparing for the snow by showing off their winter road maintenance equipment in an open house.

DeForest invited neighboring communities to an informal show-and-tell of snow and ice management equipment with the goal of talking about current salting practices, goals, and barriers.

Many municipalities in the Madison area sent their public works operators to Salt Wise trainings in the last five years and have subsequently made significant reductions to their total salt use, protecting freshwater sources.

“All of these communities are aware that when we put salt on roads, it doesn’t go away, it melts that snow and ends up in our water, our lakes and our streams and our drinking water,” said Wisconsin Salt Wise sustainability and development coordinator Allison Madison.

Wisconsin Salt Wise reinforced the idea that salt use management is key and that other communities should follow in DeForest’s lead and take salt use seriously.