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Facebook group 'drowns out the hate, meanness' with positivity

Melissa Bischoff Kindness.jpeg
Melissa Bischoff

MADISON, Wis. - A New Lisbon woman is addressing bullying in the cyber world, and the effects are far-reaching, blossoming into a kindness movement quickly gaining momentum.

Anyone who's scrolled through Facebook knows how negative the news feed can be.

"I think we are more living online than out in the world," Melissa Bischoff said. "We're more comfortable to be bullies."

"When you get into politics, religion, anything," Wendy Babcock said.

"It really hurts," Sue-Z Schwab said. "Put out the fire before it gets too bad."

When bullying takes over, why not drown it out?

"I say, kill them with kindness," Schwab said.

"The bucket brigade (drowns) out the hate and the meanness," Babcock said.

This August, Babcock dove into the concept, starting the Kindness Bucket Brigade group on Facebook and inviting members to wash out hateful comments.

"They would leave a kind comment, tag in another member, creating that bucket brigade," she said. "My expectation was 100 people. That was blown out of the water the first day."