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Hundreds protest Wisconsin's mask mandate at anti-mask rally

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MADISON, Wis. — Hundreds of anti-mask demonstrators gathered at the State Capitol on Saturday afternoon to protest what they call ‘government overreach’ over Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate.

“There are many people who have the same views on who to vote for her,” said organizer Ashley Lang, “but it doesn’t mean that that is what we are all about.”

Organizers said Saturday’s rally was about freedom, instead of politics.

Event emcee Paris Procopis compared the mask mandate to the beginning of the Holocaust.

“It was just a train trip,” Procopis said. “When they were telling people to get on trains, ‘Oh, you’re just going.’ You know, when they were sending people to concentration camps and murdering them by millions. I think they are trying to see how much they can get away with.”

Lang also questioned the efficacy of masks, saying, “Just because a health official says something does not make it true.”

The rally came as a new projection from the Institute for Health Metrics projects 3,700 coronavirus-related deaths in Wisconsin by Dec. 1, but only half that number if masks were universally worn.