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Local artists' passion project, a video of Madison by drone, goes viral

best city ever.jpg

MADISON, Wis.– It plays like a love letter to the Capitol City. A local version of the Disney ride, Soarin’. Or at the very least, a reminder why Madison consistently ranks among the best places in America to live.

Madison-based photographer Sam Li and his friend Ian Tunney’s latest video has gone viral. The video, which takes viewers for a ride around Madison by drone, wasn’t a commission, but simply a passion project and the culmination of more than 60 hours of work between the pair.

“We knew we couldn’t fit everything Madison in the video,” Li said. “So we picked things that would look good on camera. We had artists, people from Barrio dance studio, and the active side of Madison.”

The minute-and-a-half-long video, called ‘Best City Ever’ celebrates Madison, showcasing why it’s the perfect place to spend the summer.

In less than a week, it’s been viewed by around 40,000 people on Instagram: 4x the amount Eli was expecting and would’ve been happy with.

“It’s above and beyond my expectations,” he said.

Watch the full video on YouTube.