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'Madison Eats' rebrands after business drops 80% during pandemic


MADISON, Wis.– You might know her as ‘Madison Eats’: the woman behind the popular food tour company and Instagram account. Her name is actually Otehlia Cassidy, and her social media page is now ‘Otehlia Travels.’

The local entrepreneur lost 80% of her Madison Eats Food Tours business, and revenue, during the past year and a half. That’s why, as Cassidy is trying to rebuild, she’s choosing to rebrand.

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Courtesy of Otehlia Cassidy

“Instagram is a representation of me, and I want to make sure people are seeing me in the account, not just my business,” Cassidy explained.

“Travel is at the core of why I started Madison Eats tours in the first place,” she added.

Changing your Instagram handle might not seem like a huge deal, but in 2021, when social media is the root of your entire business, it is a major decision.

On her rebranded platform, Cassidy will continue to offer food tours in Madison, while expanding to tours in Mexico, Cuba, and beyond. What sets Cassidy apart from travel agents is the entrepreneur’s focus on other small business owners, forging connections with them, and bringing others along for the ride.

“For me, travel is not always going on a plane and heading to another country,” Cassidy explained.

“Travel is the internal journey of the way you move through the world, the things you do every day, and the experiences you have. It’s the journey of life.”