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Madison pancake eatery asks for community's help to stay afloat


MADISON, Wis. — A downtown Madison pancake eatery is asking for the community's assistance in order to stay open through the winter.

According to a GoFundMe page, Short Stack is hoping to raise $40,000 to cover its rent over the winter months. Otherwise, the page said the restaurant will need to close its doors.

The post said Short Stack, which is located near State Street on Johnson Street, has a base rent of $12,800 per month, which does not include utilities or insurance. They said they have not received any rent abatement, credit or forgiveness from their landlords, despite asking for some form of relief.

"It is with heavy but hopeful hearts that we’re asking our community for help at a time when so many are struggling financially," the page reads. "Over the last five months we have done everything we could think of to stay afloat. But COVID is anything but sustainable. We have been asking the tough question of how we are going to sustain ourselves, and arrived at the honest answer: we can’t. We have exhausted our financial resources, crunched numbers, and concluded that without financial help from our community, Short Stack will simply not survive the Winter."

Short Stack said "we are a women-owned business that has supported and built partnerships with so many community groups and nonprofits over the years. We’ve put down roots here and it is now our turn to ask for help. We are determined to stick around so that we can continue learning and serving our community in new and sustainable ways. We will continue to use our resources, skills, and platform for social change in this city that we love. We will continue to fight for Black Lives, stand up to injustice, nourish allyship, and facilitate dialogue. We have always said “we are here to stay” and are doing our best to make sure that remains true."

Anyone hoping to avoid online processing fees can send a check directly to Short Stack Eatery at 301 W. Johnson Street in Madison. Otherwise, people are asked to donate to the GoFundMe page, which can be located here.