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MMSD comments on TikTok trend of students damaging school bathrooms

Courtesy: Storyblocks

MADISON, Wis. — Madison school officials are responding to a new TikTok trend that involves damaging or stealing school property.

The Madison Metropolitan School District says it can confirm a “limited number of schools did experience incidents on a small scale,” but did not confirm which schools saw the incidents.

District spokesperson Tim LeMonds says the incidents were more prevalent a couple of weeks ago, but there have been “far fewer” since the schools have communicated with students.

“Individual schools who have experienced these incidents have dealt with them internally and have communicated to students of the consequences of participating in the trend,” LeMonds said.

A report from NPR found the “deviouslicks” trend is happening around the country, with students often stealing or breaking things in school bathrooms, including reports of stolen soap dispensers and damaged sinks in Florida, intentionally clogged toilets and mirrors being ripped off walls in California, red dye staining bathrooms in Arkansas and ceiling tiles and partitions being broken in Tennessee.

According to NPR, TikTok says it is removing content with that hashtag, but many videos can still be found on the platform.