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Northstar Medical Radioisotopes breaks ground on Beloit expansion


BELOIT, Wis. — A company that manufactures an isotope used to detect cancer is expanding its facilities in Beloit.

Northstar Medical Radioisotopes unveiled its recently completed facilities and cutting-edge equipment on Thursday.

Right now the company manufactures an isotope that is injected into a patient to target specific organs and allow doctors to see if cancer has spread, coronary artery disease is present, or to diagnose disease of the gallbladder, lungs, or other organs.

But they are also continuing to develop treatments that will impact many patients.

“We’re breaking ground on the building that we are going to manufacture an isotope called actinium 225, which looks extremely promising in treating cancer,” Northstar CEO Stephen Merrick said. “We believe that we can be the first commercial-scale manufacturer of this very important isotope that has the potential to change cancer treatment significantly.”

There are more than 200 employees at Northstar. They also have a facility in Columbia, Missouri.