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Walker backs Trump on travel ban

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MADISON, Wis. - Gov. Scott Walker is backing President Donald Trump's travel ban affecting seven mostly Muslim countries.

Walker had been silent on the ban issued Friday until his spokesman released a statement Monday afternoon. Walker says, "This is a safety issue. A resettlement program to help refugees is compassionate and one that I support, but we should ensure we are doing everything possible to put the safety of our citizens first."

Walker had previously opposed Trump's proposal as a presidential candidate in December 2015 to ban all Muslims from entering the country. Last month Walker sent Trump a letter asking the federal government for more control over accepting refugees from countries with ties to terrorism "until we are comfortable with the vetting process that is being utilized to screen these individuals."

State Attorney General Brad Schimel isn't saying whether he'll challenge President Donald Trump's immigration restrictions or whether he supports them.

Schimel, a Republican, said during a news conference Monday that he would consider legal action if he felt Trump overreached his constitutional authority or the policy has what Schimel called a "negative impact" on Wisconsin.

Freshman lawmaker breaks with other state Republicans

Freshman lawmaker and Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher from northeast Wisconsin criticized the roll out of the ban, issuing a statement Monday breaking with other Republicans in the state's congressional delegation who have praised Trump's order. But Gallagher says Trump's executive order released Friday could have been "better handled" and "should have been closely coordinated with Congress."

Gallagher says in particular it should have been worded to protect those who fought with the U.S. in Iraq and legal permanent residents.

But Gallagher also notes that the temporary order is not a blanket ban on religion and says "reviewing and enhancing our vetting and visa admission processes is prudent." Gallagher is promising to conduct an in-depth review of the order.