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'We'll be here & have what you need': Grocery stores ask shoppers plan ahead, don't hoard


MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Grocers Association, representing grocery store members statewide, is asking shoppers plan ahead before picking up groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That includes making a list.

“Don’t come here and hoard and stockpile and buy 275 rolls of toilet paper. Think about what your family needs Plan and buy what you need for the week,” said Brandon Scholz, Wisconsin Grocers Association President. “If you have a list in front of you, 25 things you need, you don’t have to panic.”

Shopper Chris Klopp said pandemic or not, she always makes a list, but some things have changed, too.

“I’m trying to minimize the number of times I come and try to keep my hands clean,” Klopp said. “I’m just doing the best I can.”

Metcalfe’s Market regular Mark Cooper has adjusted his habits a bit, as well.

“It’s just the two of us, my wife and I. I don’t usually freeze a lot. Our freezer is full,” Cooper said. “Our canned goods are much higher. We don’t have to go out as much.”

Cooper said he isn’t having trouble finding what he needs, adding that the shelves are more stocked than they were the previous week. Still, items are more depleted than usual.

“You’re seeing shelves not fully stocked because people are buying more often with more intensity,” Scholz said. “Demand is heavier, so supply is a challenge, but we’re not out of food.”

Scholz said delivery trucks are dropping off food to stores more often.

“We’ll be here and have what you need,” he said.

“Trucks are going to get here,” Cooper said. “Take it easy. We’re going be safe.”

As grocery store employees are doing extra sanitizing, Scholz recommends shoppers do a little extra by cleaning products like produce and cans when they get home, as well.

He also said as grocery stores look to hire workers, they are working with the local restaurant association and others who are laid off.