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What will winter 2018-2019 hold?

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MADISON, Wis. - No matter what your seasonal suspicion is, questions are already starting to surface about what kind of winter southern Wisconsin will see.

"I think it’s going to be a slow start like it has been, but then late December it’ll hit you real hard and then it will be real slushy for a bit," University of Wisconsin-Madison freshman Addie Zweifel said.

"I don’t really know what this winter is going to be like, but probably cold," UW-Madison freshman Madison Mehlberg said.

Historic summer rains and flooding have some speculating a more severe winter season will visit Madison.

However, there is a surprisingly little connection between the two seasons.

"The atmosphere has almost no memory at all, it’s like a cat," UW meteorology professor Jonathan Martin explained. “Whatever happens this week is completely forgotten by next week."

Martin said we most likely think this way because people have a sense that weather events average out in the long run.

"So if you have an extreme event in one season, maybe it’s a harbinger of an extreme event to come in a following season. Or some may say this is a guarantee that we won’t see anything in the winter because we saw everything in the summer."

There's about a 70-percent chance of an El Nino developing during the winter months. That would typically make southern Wisconsin warmer and less snowy.

However, that forecast is not set in stone.

Regardless of what winter weather we receive, Martin said it's all about your perception.

"Most people will probably agree after whatever happens this winter, that if we get a normal amount of snow in December, January and February, that it feels like a snowier winter than last year.”