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Wisconsin "cancels" Jump Around

The athletic department even offered a fictitious, alternative t-shirt as part of the April Fool's antics.

In a bit of April Fool's Day fun, the Wisconsin Athletic Department tweeted that it's ending the "Jump Around" tradition at Camp Randall, effective immediately.

"In accordance with new UW-Madison campus policy regarding seismic impacts, the Wisconsin Athletic Department will be discontinuing the tradition known as "Jump Around" at home football games, beginning with the 2019 season," the phony statement read. "On March 19, 2019, the University of Wisconsin adopted new policies protecting the structural integrity of historic landmarks on campus. Among numerous buildings included in the new policy is Camp Randall Stadium. The policy restricts UW officials from 'facilitating action that results in registered units on the Richter scale,' according to the UW geology department."

The University also offered a new, fictitious line of "Sit Around" t-shirts to be worn at football games.

"Jump Around" is a weekly tradition that takes place between the third and fourth quarters at Badgers home games. The House of Pain song "Jump Around" gets blasted over the PA system, and everyone in the stadium is invited to... jump around. Thousands of fans and some of the players take part in the action, so much so that the press box rocks back and forth for the duration.