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Advertise With Fox47

Thank you for your interest in advertising on FOX47.

For over 20 years, FOX47 has been in the business of helping people succeed and businesses grow. Adults spend more time watching Television than they do listening to radio, reading the newspaper, and using the internet combined.

Our award-winning station features programming that spans everything from Fox47 News at 9pm to your favorite sports team with the Green Bay Packers and the University of Wisconsin Madison Badgers, The Masked Singer, The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory to Hell’s Kitchen, and plenty in-between.

We have hundreds of businesses who advertise on FOX47 and they come back year after year because we deliver results for them.

Television works and it is the most cost-efficient advertising choice any business can make. We create demand for your business and help you reach over 400,000 households in the market.

Expand your reach even further through Compulse Integrated Marketing, our full-service digital agency. Compulse will handle your marketing needs with OTT, Social Media, Paid Search, Geo-Fencing and much more. Your entire digital strategy is cared for by a company you can trust and validated with real-time Comscore reporting at your fingertips.

We would appreciate the opportunity to help your business. Send an email today to the link below and a FOX47 Marketing Consultant will contact you to begin developing a campaign that will deliver results for your business.

In these tough economic times television continues to deliver results. National marketers show confidence in television by continuing to place advertising dollars into this proven media vehicle.

"TV is an anomaly, with advertisers putting their marketing dollars into national television at levels reminiscent of prosperous economic times. The power of the networks to reach mass audiences on a nightly basis continues to give television an edge over other media." - The New York Times