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MSG 2 Teens Talent Release Form


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Download Storyboard Here -

Download Talent Release Form Here

Download Entry Form Here

Download and fill all forms electronically & email your entry forms along with your video entry!

Please Note! A video is NOT required. You can submit a video entry OR you can sketch your idea on a storyboard. If your video or storyboard make the Top 5, the then Fox 47 production crew will help get your commercial ready for TV. This includes shooting & editing the spot if need be.

You can print this on real paper and mail your completed forms to our studios - Fox47 - 7847 Big Sky Drive, Madison, WI 53719.

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Remember: you or your team CAN enter MORE THAN ONE entry. Also, a video is NOT required. Submit your awesome idea and Fox47 will help produce it!

If you submit a video, video entries must be no longer than :25 seconds in length and be in the form of electronic video file (i.e., .mov, .mpeg, .wma, .avi, .mxf, mp4)

Shareable YouTube link, Dropbox link, Vimeo link, WeTransfer link (any video share website) entries are accepted and can be emailed to DVD, broadcast tape, Video CD, flash drive can be submitted via mail directly to our studios: Fox47 - 7847 Big Sky Drive, Madison, WI 53719.

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